Rim Flow Jacuzzi Repairs

Rim flow Jacuzzi Repairs Johannesburg

“When running your Rim Flow Jacuzzi in Johannesburg, Gauteng or Pretoria, you need to remember to always check the level in the balancing tank. If the Balancing Tank runs dry you will have major damage to the pump system. If you have a 500 Liter Balancing tank, make sure that their is always +/- 200 Liter in the tank at all times.”

Rim flow Jacuzzi Repairs Johannesburg is easy and simple with Jacuzzi Repair Specialist in the following areas:

Johannesburg, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Sandton, Randburg, Fourways, Midrand, Pretoria, Pretoria East.

Rimflow Jacuzzi Repair Specialist

Rimflow Jacuzzi Repair Specialist

Rim Flow Jacuzzi’s work different to the standard Jacuzzi’s on the Market. In a class of its own, it is bound to impress and wow any customer. Rim Flow Jacuzzi’s basically work with a 500 liter balancing tank situated in the ground close to the actual Jacuzzi.

Water flowing over the rim is then fed to the balancing tank with gravity, which is then pumped back to the Jacuzzi with a circulation pump. On the way back to the Jacuzzi it passes through the Jacuzzi Heater and Jacuzzi filtration system.

With Summerplace Rim Flow Jacuzzi’s there are sometimes two 3 Kw Heaters and three Jacuzzi Filters. Due to the large amount of water it takes, sometimes up to 4000 liters, three Jacuzzi Filters are added to get the water clean.

The two 3 Kw Jacuzzi Heating Elements, work in conjunction to heat the water to the desired temperature. Care should be taken to ensure that there is always about 200 liters of water in the balancing tank.

Most Rim Flow Jacuzzi’s have a floater valve installed in the balancing tank, to ensure that the water level in the Jacuzzi balancing tank stays constant. If the floater valve fails, you will start experiencing all kinds of problems.

If the water in the Rim Flow Jacuzzi balancing tank runs dry, then both the heaters can burn out and melt. The Jacuzzi circulation pump will also stop functioning. If you don’t have a floater valve installed in your Rim Flow Jacuzzi, it is best practice to get a long stick or pole to measure the level in the Rim Flow balancing tank.

The purpose of the Rim Flow balancing tank is to take the extra water that is displaced when several people get in to the Jacuzzi. That is why there should always be about 200 liters of water in the 500 liter Balancing Tank so that there is space for the displaced water. This system is designed for ease of use and also helps getting rid of the proteins floating on top of the water.

Pound for pound this Jacuzzi stands out head and shoulders above its competitors. Price wise, you can pay from R 50 000 to R 110 000 for this unit.

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